It's a Mississippi wedding tradition.

Our 2016 Wedding Register is hitting newsstands.


2016 Wedding Register

Copies are available online.




Enjoy the creativity of our couples in this showcase of hundreds of feature submission photos.



1. Choose a Layout
Look at the examples to the right as well as the cost of each. Then determine whether you would like a one-page or two-page announcement.
2. Gather Digital Photos
For a one-page announcement:

• One (1) Vertical Photo • Two (2) Horizontal Photos

For a two-page announcement:

• Two (2) Vertical Photos • Four (4) Horizontal Photos The vertical photos will appear larger, as on the layout examples, so make sure you choose your images accordingly. Name your image files clearly. For example, Smith-Jones1.jpg, Smith-Jones2.jpg, etc. Images should be high-resolution files, but no larger than 5-6 MB each. Your photographer should be happy to size and name these before giving them to you if you are not familiar with doing it yourself. Mulitple images or collages within a single image file are not allowed. Each file must be one single image.

3. Compose your Write-Up
For a one-page announcement:

• 450-500 words

For a two-page announcement:

 950-1,000 words Write-ups should be in digital format, preferably Microsoft Word. Please name the file clearly with the couple name, for example, “Smith-Jones.doc.” Please try to stay within the word-count range as best you can. We have found that this looks best within the layout. If you are having trouble fitting all your information into a one-page write up, we recommend cutting things like middle names, bridal party hometowns, and keeping floral descriptions short. A sample write-up in the correct word-count range for your layout can be found at the bottom of this web page, which you are free to download to assist you in writing your own.

4. Feature Submissions
This step is totally optional. Every year we feature approximately six or seven weddings more prominently in the editorial section of the magazine. Every bride that buys a Wedding Register announcement has the option of submitting photos for feature consideration at no extra charge. If you would like to be considered, here’s what you need to do: Gather up to 50 images that showcase the unique details of your wedding—creative food, beautiful flowers, interesting themes—anything that you feel really captures the best highlights. Although a few couple shots are great, we recommend keeping the posed “people” shots to a minimum. For electronic submission, you will need to compress these images into one .zip file, and label it clearly, “Smith-Jones” for example. You will also need to write just a short paragraph on why you feel your wedding would be of interest to our readers. You will find a dedicated text box for this on the electronic form. Keep in mind, weddings that have been featured editorially in other media will not be considered.
5. Cover Submissions
Again, this is totally optional. Our cover photo for the January/February Wedding Register is chosen solely from among the couples who have purchased announcements. There is no extra charge for this. If you would like to be considered for the cover, you may gather up to 10 high-resolution images. Make sure they are vertical. Horizontal images are not considered. You will need to compress all the photos into one .zip file and name it clearly, for example, “Smith-Jones”. We recommend avoiding images with fish-eye, lens-flare, or other excessive filter effects.
6. Electronic Submission
When you have all your materials gathered and on your computer where you can easily browse for them, select the “Submit” button under the example of your chosen layout to the right. You will be directed to an easy-to-follow electronic form, with upload buttons to attach your photos and write-up (and feature and/or cover consideration .zip files if you are taking that optional step). When the form is complete, you will be directed to pay for your page with a credit card or bank account information, via secured payment portal. When your page is designed, we will email a pdf file to you as a last chance to check any errors you may have made in things like name spellings or photography credits. Whew! We realize it takes a little effort to gather all your materials, but we are so happy to have you in our 2016 Wedding Register!

One-Page Announcement

2016 registration has closed.

Two-Page Announcement

2016 registration has closed.


Use these handy links to help you when you are preparing your materials to submit.
A good example of the basic 450-500 word write-up for a one-page announcement.
A good example of the basic 950-1,000 word write up for a two-page announcement.
A large list of common spelling, grammar, and punctuation examples.
We encourage online submission, but here is the form if you are submitting via USPS.
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